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Having abandoned a promising career as a mainstream artist, Swedish singer Saie Saie returns with her third independent single called “Nightmare”. The delightfully psychedelic tune is about refusing to love someone just because of their money.


Influenced by such artists as Alabama Shakes, Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, Saie Saie (meaning “No worries, No worries”) recently rejected a major record deal and worldwide career in order to pursue her own true sound without any constraints.


“I was just too young and too naive to say no to a worldwide record deal, the singer explains. “I got signed of all the songs I had written with other people in mind and it was very pop focused. Bubble gum crap, I truly hated being a product.


“I decided to walk away. I just couldn’t do it and everybody told me I was nuts for leaving an opportunity like that, but I always wanted to make soul music. I grew up with a dad that would blast James Brown everyday”.


Currently based in Topanga, California, Saie Saie re-discovered her musical identity after a serious horse riding accident three years ago. The near-death experience turned out to be a breakthrough moment in her life.


“Getting severely injured like that and not being able to read or speak properly for a while and being so sick definitely made me realize that I can die at any moment and I need to make the music that I came to earth to do”, she says.


The unconventional and funk-infused “Nightmare”, landed on November 6, following her two previous singles, “The Fight” and “Air Runs Dry”. Backed by a band of amazing musicians, Saie Saie comes up with demos for new songs while riding her horse and records them later in the studio.


Saie Saie, who describes her music in Nina Simone’s words, “Sometimes I wound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee with cream”, has fans waiting impatiently for more vintage-sounding rock & roll gems.


Listen to “Nightmare” here:




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