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Indie band from Scandinavia Sail By Summer is spreading its popularity, which has increased particularly after the launch of their single “Low Tide Exit”. It belongs to their debut album Casual Heaven, released in August via HQ Indie.


With this piece of work they have showed to their public which kind of connection two pèersons can reach by only playing together with their melodies. The protagonists of this project are Jens Kristian at the keyboards and, on the other side, award-winner and long-time collaborator William Hut at the vocals and guitar. They have united their simple passion for music in a musical creativity that remind the sounds of The Cure, Pink Floyd and Spiritualized.


They take inspiration particularly from what of most important surround them and make them feel home: the norwegian landscapes, the natural beauty of Bergen. Those views with rainy winters and refreshing summers evocate a dreamy atmosphere which is possible to percieve with the soft touch of the synth and the guitar melted together.


As the refrain of the song approaches, the sounds experience a climax and it is possible to travel with sounds from a melanchonic vocals and guitars start to be more intense, bringing a energy which is out of space, leaving an insopportable silence after the melody is ended. It is almost impossible not to press replay.


Listen to the single below:




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