Sam Reece Denies He’s A Cheater | TV News

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Sam Reece Denies He’s A Cheater | TV News

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I watched this series of Celebrity Big Brother very carefully – but I must’ve missed the crucial episode in which Stephanie Davies did a complete 360 and revealed that Sam Reece was not the perfect boyfriend she had been portraying him as.


In fact, despite repeatedly saying how ‘gorgeous’ he is and how she wants to marry him, Davies then had a change of heart towards the end, and confided in her fellow housemates that Reece had cheated on her. Such inconsistency didn’t do her chances of success any harm, though, as the fired Hollyoaks actress came runner-up in the final.


Now Reece has hit back at accusations that he is a no good, dirty cheater, by posting the following tweet: “I can confirm that the accusation that Stephanie has made regarding me being unfaithful to her is completely untrue and very hurtful”.


The truth will out, as they say.



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