Samantha Margret And Primary Being Collaborate On New Single ‘Banana’

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has linked up with Australian electronic pop producer Primary Being (Charlie Glinka) for her new single titled “Banana”, which comes on the back of the success of her last two singles “Feminist GF” and “Matthew McConaughey”.

The sweet and deliciously odd track is taken from Margret’s upcoming project that is set for release later this year, and it marks one of her first collaborations with her friend and fellow musician Primary Being.

While Samantha Margret writes music for the girl who wants to own her history, her body, and her feelings, Primary Being comes with a signature blend of electro bass music infused with disco influences from across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Together, they have created a candy-coated track that makes for a fun listen, with a splash of Samantha’s signature sound along with Primary Being’s brilliant production.

Speaking about how “Banana” came together, Samantha Marget says, “I write silly little songs about household stuff. I started singing this banana line over and over to annoy my partner, and then he said, ‘at least you aren’t producing that one’.

So, of course, I made a verse-chorus demo. I heard another one of Charlie’s songs at a song share, and immediately thought he would be perfect for ‘Banana’. I’m still laughing that the little banana jingle got to become a real song“.

Producer Primary Being added that, “There aren’t really words that exist to describe how fun this project was to work on! I’m absolutely in love with the amazing vocals, concept and production that we put together, and knew from the second Samantha went through her initial idea for the track that we were on to a winner. I also love that the idea was generated out of one of my favourite ‘Star Trek’ series – I’ll leave you guessing how“.

Listen to “Banana” below:


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