Sami Freeman Releases New Single ‘Slow Down Look Around’ Featuring KOL | Music News


San Francisco based singer-songwriter and composer Sami Freeman has released her newest single “Slow Down Look Around” alongside KOL.


Sami Freeman’s music meets between indie-rock and neo-classical sounds. In the past the young artist already composed for film and TV – for example she created music for Showtime, MTV and Fox.


The indie song “Slow Down Look Around” is Sami Freeman’s first single release since her EP Howl which included 12 songs and was dropped this May. Howl was a filled with memories and a poetry. The new project delivers something fresh and solemn.


According to Sami Freeman you should turn on the song while thinking about moments from your life you want to experience again. Sami recorded the song at home, because of the lockdown. After that she sendet the record to engineer Davey Donaldson and rounded it out with KOl’s fresh saxophone sounds and vocals to finish the track that was mastered by Bijan Shariifi


“Slow Down Look Around” delivers a versatile sound and connects different moods. The song begins with softly piano sounds, gentle vocal lines and relaxed saxophone sounds, played by Jeff Kolhede, aka KOL.


Then a great tension builds up with intense guitar riffs and a dirty rhythm section. The song ends with delightful and soothing piano sounds. The song is great for everyone who’s into indie and eclectic music! Listen to the song below.




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