San Diego Creative ThomTide Releases New Single ‘FlowerField’ | Music News


thomTide has just unveiled a new single called “flowerField”, it’s a very moving track from the start with haunting harmonies and a beautiful ebb and flow of dark synths.


ThomTide explains his song by saying “flowerField lyrically examines our innermost thoughts and the worries that run through our minds. This episode was comparing the mind to a flower field, where the soil doesn’t discriminate between flowers, like pleasant thoughts, and weeds, or troubling thoughts.


It’s kind of like for overthinkers like me, if you don’t communicate outside of yourself, you can get creative about why something in real life is better or worse than it actually is.”


His stage name ThomTide comes from a mix of “Tide” which means the balance of life, a cycle, a relationship between water on Earth and the sun and moon in the ether. And the first name “Thomas” which means “twin” and happens to be the middle name shared by ThomTide’s founder, Lee Rutledge, and Dominique Mills, the visual artist behind the project.


Lee Rutledge created ThomTide out of a need for intimacy and personal involvement in his music. He explains “So much happens and changes in the world all the time, and I wanted a project that was just as free and fluid”.


“ThomTide is inspired by everything that has happened to me and the world recently and will be inspired by everything that happens as the year progresses”.


The songs that are part of ThomTide’s first project are published every fortnight throughout the year.


Listen to his new single “flowerField” below:




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