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On July 20 the artist goers released his debut single “Honestly”. The song offers a first insight into goers’s style and the music niche he serves.


goers is a composer, producer and engineer based in San Francisco Bay. You can describe his music as Hip Hop with World Music and Electronic influences. Since goers struggles with the current Hop Hop culture and lack of depth in the lyrics, he wants to express something different in his music.


He replaced common Hip Hop lyrics with vocals of Mongolian throat singers and Native American flute tunes. In this way goer disconnects increasingly of modern day Hip Hop and deepening his view of the world. Furthermore he arranges meditative sounds, beats and rhythms from around the world. Primarily he wants to express himself and his groove through music.


“Honestly” starts with a quiet acoustic guitar. Afterwards some fluttering strings, vocals, horns and a driving beat are entering slowly. A female voice keeps repeating “I will love you honestly“ and sings blurred lyrics that are mixed into each other.


The song is perfect for a chill-out evening when you’re alone at home and just want to relax after a long day. The soft sound and vocals are vibing together and are leading into deep thoughts and a meditative state.


Listen to “Honestly” below:




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