San Francisco Singer Ouida Reveals Herself In New Song ‘Nice To Meet You’

San Francisco singer Ouida has introduced her new release titled “Nice To Meet You”. A fantastic blend of neo-soul, jazz, alternative, and indie R&B that will tell you all about Ouida, “Nice To Meet You” is a personal journey.

This brilliant artist, who divides her life between music and activism for Equity and Inclusion, debuted with a few singles that made her gain international approval.

Featured in publications like NYLON Magazine, and shows such as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as well California Music Channel, and Irish radio stations RTE 2FM and Spin 1038, the popularity of Ouida is increasing drastically.

2023 will be the year for Ouida, who will be releasing her debut EP (which is currently under production), and we can’t wait to listen to her!

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Nice To Meet You”, Ouida says, “For this video, I wanted to take folks with me through parts of San Francisco that were like cornerstones in my upbringing. Some places are like secret gems or iconic fixtures that only other locals might recognize, like the Alemany Farmers Market or the closed Avenue Theatre in the Portola District where I grew up.

I wanted to show neighborhoods and areas that aren’t really showcased in the usual touristy imagery you might see but mean something to me. Even when it came to Haight Street and Dolores Park, places that are famous or recognizable.

I wanted the focus to be the corners of those destinations where the locals’ experiences happen — what it’s like growing up here, being a part of this landscape as a city kid, and sort of telling my own story through that”.

Watch the video of “Nice To Meet You” below:


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