Sarah Manzo Unveils Soulful New Single ‘No Plans’ | Music News


The first soul single “No Plans” by singer and songwriter Sarah Manzo has been released on April 24, and is available on all platforms! This R&B, jazz and pop artist’s next EP, Running Away, featuring lyrics from her diary, will be released soon.


Artist Sarah Manzo has always grown up with music. From an early age, she spent her time singing songs she invented. When her grandmother introduced her to the world of musical theatre, it was love at first sight for Sarah.


It was in college that she most seriously got into music. She writes about her life as a young adult living alone in New York City. Today, she is studying interpretation at the CAP21 conservatory. Her goal is for her listeners to sing her songs as if they were telling their own stories.


The song “No Plan” is a song about the current crisis we are going through. Sarah Manzo has always been someone who likes to be in control on her way, and it has been hard for her to accept the impossibility of planning every moment of her life. But like all of us, she has accepted these circumstances and adapted to this different way of life.


Listen to it here:




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