Sasha Keable – Treat Me Like I’m All Yours | New Music


British singer and songwriter Sasha Keable absolutely stuns with her brand new single “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours“, the second track from her forthcoming EP Man and the follow-up to the Jazz/Funk infused “That’s the Shit


Sasha has a knack for soulful music and that’s where she thrives. Equipped with live instruments, she curates a beautifully crafted moody love song that radiates jazz club vibes. Her passionate vocals alone have a story to tell and she definitely has the R&B songwriting chops to match. “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours” is also brutally honest and relatable, as Sasha explains it speaks on sexual frustration within a long-term relationship.


“I wrote ‘Treat Me Like I’m All Yours’ when I was sexually frustrated – I was annoyed that my man was more interested in his phone and friends than me. It’s a bit playful, not 100% serious and has elements of dark humour within it.”



“It’s also about being wanted and lusted over, which we know can fizzle out over time in a relationship on both sides so I wanted to explore that and see how I could balance being wanted and being angry at a person all at the same time.”



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