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After their first two albums Battleplan and Hot Lava Sex Machine, the brass band Gallowstreet are back with their latest song “Sativa” which was released on Friday, March 6! It will be part of their third album Our Dear Metropolis which will be released on March 26. “Sativa” was made featuring the artist LYMA.


Gallowstreet is a brass band from Amsterdam, known for its energetic live performances that evokes joy and excitement in their audience. LYMA is a singer and producer, also from Amsterdam. He has been living outside of society for a long time. He is a mix between Steve Spacek, LV, Peven Everett, Dam Funk, Seven Davis Jr. and D’angelo.


The album Our Dear Metropolis is an anthem to their hometown Amsterdam, but also a critique of the direction the city seems to be taking. The album is mainly instrumental, with brass and reed instruments. Through the diversity of musical styles present in this album, from trance to hip-hop, Gallowstreet represents all the different facets of the city.


The cover is composed of illustrations by the Dutch artist Joost Swarte, known in particular for his illustrations, some of which were made for the New Yorker.


Listen to “Sativa” here:




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