Saul Looking World-Weary In ‘Better Call Saul’ Season Two Poster | TV News



The first poster for Better Call Saul has been released, and it looks like there’s trouble in paradise for Breaking Bad’s smooth talking shyster. The small time lawyer was double crossed by his brother in the finale of the shows first season, something that is evident from the world weary look of the character on the poster for season two.


Patrick Fabian – who plays powerful Lawyer Howard Hamlin promised fans that they wouldn’t be let down by the second series, explaining: “I think last year was a real set-up for a lot of stuff, for fans who were anxious for a little more to get going, season two starts to deliver on that promise, so I don’t think anybody is going to be disappointed”.


Better Call Saul returns February 15 on AMC in the US, and the show will begin streaming on Netflix in the UK on the 16th of February.



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