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A really interesting and peculiar point of view about today’s culture is given by American world renowned artist Saul Williams. Artist is the correct term to define such a kaleidoscopic person: he’s poet, rapper, musician, activist and actor, passionate about life and looking back through history to promote a better future.


You might have the chance to meet him at Last Word 2018, an annual event that takes place at the Roundhouse in London, and for over 17 days, it offers the opportunity to many artists to present themselves during more than performances.


This is already the 5th year for the festival and Williams is the awaited headliner among many emerging voices; he will perform this Saturday, June 30. Renowned for fusing elements of poetry with hip hop, punk rock, soul, R&B and techno, he will give an unmissable night of spoken word and music, with pieces from his album MartyrLoserKing.


Festival like this are a clear demonstration of the growing interest in poetry in the last few years. According to Williams, it’s due to a tradition in mankind, and poetry might be something attached to our roots since ever.


Moreover, spoken word have always been a consistent expression to social change, and surprisingly, in the social media era which we are in, the strength to express and show yourself is spreading even more. Art and poetry are effective tools to do that.


Williams is also on the judging panel at this year’s Poetry Slam Competition at the festival; in his career he collected experiences as actor, with a leading roles in 1998 film Slam and in the 2013 Broadway musical Holler If Ya Hear Me featuring 2Pac‘s music, but he’s released six studio albums too (last one in 2016).


By the way, Williams still prefers to define himself first and foremost as a poet, but admits that music and words have always been intrinsically linked. More information on the event can be found on the Roundhouse website.




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