‘Sausage Party’: Terrifically Horrific | Film Review



When it comes to genre to certain genres, it’s quite normal for many of us to watch a particular film upholding expectations that pertain to many of its conventions. Right from the trailer up to the end credits, Seth Rogen’s newest animated film alarmingly tries to break each of these rules through and through.


The film focuses on characters based off of grocery living in a grocery store, all of whom possess a great desire to be “chosen” by the “gods” and be lifted to the great beyond. Ignoring the overtly evident jab at religion from the get-go, the film first appears to try really hard to break from its animated stereotype while also making use of it. Breaking into a musical number, the lyrics consists of vulgarities, swear words, and an oddly misplaced joke about “killing all the juice”. Discomfort and confusion is where the story sets its tone, and is what carries over throughout the rest of the movie.


Of course it does find its ground during the latter half of the film, but still the consistency suffers greatly to the point that it becomes difficult to determine whether it’s about a journey, heroism, or about sex for that matter. There a number of really shocking scenes here and there, which led to a number of fellow audience members to walk out of the cinema. This in turn begs the question of its actual rating, as it became really difficult to understand how it achieved an age rating of 15 here in the UK.


All in all the film is quite enjoyable to say the least, provided that you are comfortable with many of its themes and what its story tries to accomplish. Followed by a strong cast of hollywood’s finest comedians, we finally get an animated film that is purely made with adults in mind. With that said, please don’t be fooled by its childish look and genre, DO NOT bring your child with you.



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