Saweetie Shares More Detail On Upcoming Album ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ | Music News


Saweetie has been teasing her forthcoming debut album Pretty B*tch Music since April 2020 but stayed pretty tight-lipped for more details and her plans surrounding the much anticipated project.


However, the rapper sat down with Issa Rae on Apple Music and announced that it might feature more than 17 songs! “It’s looking like more than 17 songs”, she said, with Issa reacting with an “Okayyy”.


“Yes, girl. It’s hella long”, Saweetie added. “I’m really excited. I really am. I feel like this is the first time… I used to struggle with my sound. I didn’t know how to properly deliver. I couldn’t find producers who made sense with my brand and my voice because all those things were congruently to make a good song”, she said to Issa Rae.


So far, the Bay Area artist has released a few hits from Pretty B*tch Music, including the lead single and its corresponding music video “Tap In” on June, which became a top 40 in the United States thanks to a TikTok trend, and the promotional single “Pretty B*tch Freestyle”.


More recently, Saweetie’s Pretty B*tch Music also spawned the album’s second single “Back To The Streets” featuring Jhene Aiko in October, followed by the third single “Best Friend” with Doja Cat in December, both accompanied with a music video.


Watch a clip of the interview below:




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