Say Lou Lou – Nothing But A Heartbeat | Music Video


Pop duo Say Lou Lou – made up of sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey-Jansson – have released the music video for “Nothing But A Heartbeat”, a single of their debut album Lucid Dreaming released yesterday. It is lyrically quite a dark song mixed with catchy pop potential, and in a recent interview with The 405, the duo talked about where the ideas for the video came from.


The band said, “we wanted the video to be a representation of lucid dreaming as a whole,the album, rather than just nothing but a heartbeat. so we tried to incur the idea of lucid dreaming and sisterhood so it wasn’t just so attached to nothing but a heartbeat. so being more a lead video for the whole album. Joanna got into the whole concept of lucid dreaming and she build the whole concept for the video upon dreams and being awake in a dream and not knowing if your dreaming or its reality”. The new album Lucid Dreaming is available for download now via iTunes and you can watch the music video for single “Nothing But A Heartbeat” down below. Enjoy!




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