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Universal has been working for years on a new take on the Scarface story, but the pieces aren’t quite coming together. After running through directors Antoine Fuqua, Pablo Larrain and David Yates, David Ayer is now the latest director to step down from the project.


What’s interesting about the Suicide Squad director’s dismissal is that he was reportedly dropped from the project because his script was “too dark”, which seems an odd complaint considering we’re talking about Scarface here. Ayer has also written screenplays such as End Of Watch and Training Day which don’t shy away from grit and violence, so this seemed like a perfect match.


While “scheduling issues” is the official reason for Ayer’s departure, THR’s report seems to point to a troubling trend for the film, where a remake of Brian De Palma‘s 1983 classic (itself a remake, of course) is set to be neutered into a much more easily digestible film.


Upon release in ’83, De Palma’s film was originally met with scorn and disgust, before going on to be critically acclaimed in later years. Universal seems set on a more palatable, commercial remake if they’re dismissing Ayer for a too dark script that’s supposed to be about a misogynistic drug dealer.


So, the search for a new director begins. As it stands, Diego Luna is still attached to star in the film, with an August 2018 release date the current plan. Universal had reportedly considered Peter Berg (Patriots Day) and David Mackenzie (Hell Or High Water) in the past, so it’s possible they are at the top of their wish list.



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