Scottish Rising Star Dylan Fraser Drops New Single ‘Losing Sleep’ | Music News


Scottish emerging artist Dylan Fraser has just unveiled his emotive new single “Losing Sleep”, which will be anchored to his already-released debut EP The Storm.


The singer has made waves over the past few months following a string of single drops, culminating in the release of his first-ever EP in October, a five-track collection showcasing Dylan’s cross-genre ability and magnetic voice. Additionally, Dylan’s debut track “Vipers” also features on all the all-new FIFA 21 Official Soundtrack.


To accompany the EP, the 18-year-old recently unveiled conceptual live performance videos for each of the tracks, which you can view on his official YouTube channel.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, the artist explains: “‘Losing Sleep’ finds me reminiscing about being a child; missing being so carefree and having no stress or worries. When you’re young, you are so optimistic and not really aware of any negativity. Growing up can be confusing and the world isn’t this big amazing place that sometimes it’s made out to be – that was hard to wrap my head around”.


The Bathgate native is showing huge promise for the year ahead, and if you like this new piece, you should keep an eye on the singer’s new releases in 2021.


Go listen to “Losing Sleep” right now:




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