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Scottish singer-songwriter James Walter has just released his new single titled “Cafe Culture”, written, recorded and produced by Walker in Edinburgh last year, following the release of his debut album Polestar in 2018. The track is about his local coffee house in Stockbridge and the life stories of the people that frequent it.


James Water has been writing music for over fifteen years, drawing influencers from the likes of Lou Reed, The Femme Fatales, early David Bowie, Radiohead, Rodriquez and The Doors, and writing songs across genres such as blues rock, electric rock/pop and acoustic. He uses his lyrically driven songs to tell stories that are important to him in interesting and unique ways.


Speaking about the inspiration for “Cafe Culture”, James Walter says, “it’s a song I wrote having a coffee in my favourite cafe in Stockbridge Edinburgh. I’m a self confessed people watcher so this is a poem about some of the characters I’ve seen over the years, some real, some fictional, and often I imagine the different life experiences and stories of the people I see.


It’s also about the community aspect of the coffee shop, the stories that are told and shared. The coffee shop is the modern day ‘sitting round a fire’ that we did for tens of thousands of years, sharing stories and experiences and building relationships. This is why we go. I recorded the song at home. I felt the song suited rough edges rather than the polish of a studio recording“.


Listen to “Cafe Culture” below:



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