Seafret – Oceans (Vevo DSCVR Live) | New Music


Introducing Seafret, an acoustic duo from Bridlington, with their exclusive live performance of their most recent single “Oceans”, for VEVO. Following a emotive proposal with high melancholic charge, the “Oceans” video is in line with the band’s style, away from massives productions. This band has a high ear-catching and capture at the first sight with their acoustic style. The live video sees the duo strip it all back, with just a potent guitar arrangement and vocals, as the impeccable Jack Sedman shows off his versatility and ability to convey a deep message with his voice. Seafret’s latest EP also titled Oceans was released on January 21 and can be purchased here. Below, you can watch and enjoy the acoustic version of “Oceans” from Seafret for VEVO.




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