Seafret Open The Year With ‘Most Of Us Are Strangers’ | Music News


Jack and Harry, the amazing musician duo behind the band Seafret have just released their new single “Most Of Us Are Strangers”. The emotional song is the title track from their highly anticipated second album, which is set for release on March 13, 2020.


The east-Yorkshire duo’s song is already accompanied by an amazing video, directed by Stuart Alexander, which you can check out below!


Even though the sound and the lyrics are melancholic, the song’s message is, that “It´s ok to open up and it´s okay not to be ok” as the music duo says. The song tells the story of how we are holding back or even hiding out thoughts and emotions out of fear, hurting others.


Harry and Jack´s voice and guitar combination channels all the emotions in this music piece and layout that we, in our day-to-day life interact with our family and friends but don´t reflect on how we feel on the inside.


Therefore, we are afraid to share our true self, our triumphs but also our battles and defeats and so, even if we know a person, we are strangers. However, the song as well as the music video give us hope, that we can (and should) change this. That it is possible, to open up to others, even if we make ourselves vulnerable but that it can be worth it.




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