Season 3 Of ‘Westworld’ Is Officially Ordered By HBO | TV News

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Season 3 Of ‘Westworld’ Is Officially Ordered By HBO | TV News


The first two episodes of the second season of Westworld have already aired yet HBO already have good news for all the fans. The Sci-Fi series has officially been ordered for a third season! That means we get at least one more season full of the confusing world around the ‘hosts’ and ‘guests’. As there is so much more to explore, this is great information.


In the past, it was revealed that there were six parks in total. Just thinking about how they covered the parks in the past, it seems like there could be a total of six seasons in the end. So there is much scope for discovering the relationship that got pretty violent in the first two episodes so far.


After all, this isn’t that much of a surprise. The first season had incredible ratings even competing with Game of Thrones. The first two episodes also hit these ratings. As HBO is “losing” this fan hit they, of course, are searching for an equal series and they seemed to have found it in Westworld.



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