Season 7 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Will Be The Last | TV News


One of Netflix’s original Originals is coming to an end. With six seasons in the bank and a seventh on the way, plus a streaming platform with seemingly unlimited funds, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Orange Is The New Black would go on practically forever.


Fortunately the show’s creator Jenji Kohan realised that the best shows always know when it’s time to walk away, and that’s exactly what Orange Is The New Black is doing.


The cast took to Twitter to announce that the upcoming season will be the show’s last.



This isn’t a total surprise considering that Kohan revealed to The New York Times last year that she was “leaning toward ending it after seven — although the nature of the show is one that can go on and on because you can bring in new people”. Plus, star Taylor Schilling discussed preparing for the end of the series after the release of season six:


“As an actor getting ready to say goodbye to a role that I’ve lived with for six years, it’s very poignant”, Schilling said. “It’s a very kind of surreal time. It’s as surreal as it was when the thing came out of the gate and was so powerful those first few seasons. It’s equally as surreal now to be ending it all”.


Critical response to the show hasn’t quite been as positive in recent seasons as it was in the beginning, with season five’s prison riot storyline being a notable one that fans weren’t exactly on board with. But the show has remained popular and acclaimed throughout most of its run.


With House Of Cards also coming to an end, it means that arguably the big two original shows that launched Netflix Originals as a legitimate idea are coming to a close at roughly the same time, which is an apt way to go out. The seventh and final season of Orange Is The New Black currently doesn’t have an exact release date, but will launch on Netflix in 2019.



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