‘Secret In Their Eyes’: Nothing Revolutionary But Not Dismissible | Film Review

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‘Secret In Their Eyes’: Nothing Revolutionary But Not Dismissible | Film Review

secrets in their eyes


Secret In Their Eyes is a remake of the 2009 Argentinian thriller, The Secret In Their Eyes, based on the 2005 book El secreto de sus Ojos. The 2009 film won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Athough this remake is decent, it wont be winning any Oscars anytime soon.


The film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ray, Nicole Kidman as Claire, Julia Roberts as Jess and Dean Norris as Bumpy. Ray is part of the LA FBI counter-terrorism unit. His close friend and colleague Jess is a District Attorney investigator.


One day in 2002 they get called out to investigate the discovery of an unknown female body.  The body belongs to Jess’s daughter. The grief and guilt felt by Jess and Ray tears the team apart. After the discovery Ray becomes obsessed by the case. Eventually it ends in failure, Ray leaves LA, getting a job in the private sector. After 13 years Ray returns, convincing the DA to reopen the case as he has discovered new evidence.


The film has flashbacks to the investigation back in 2002 throughout. This is actually quite confusing. It is sometimes unclear what is a flashback and what is present time. The only way to tell is by Chiwetels greying hair. As the film went on it became easier to distinguish between the two.


Police corruption, murder, romance and plot twists. One of the best things about the story is the plot twists. Not many people will be able to guess the ending. A film that makes you think and actually makes you become actively involved in the characters story is worth watching.


The performances are the strongest thing about the film. Chiwetel really carries the story through right to the end. Nicole Kidman is not on screen enough and there could have been more development between her and Chiwetels character. Julia Roberts portrays the damaged and grieving mother convincingly. This film wont change your life, but it is definitely worth watching, particularly compared to other films being released at the moment.


“The truth lies in the most unexpected places.”



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