Secret Industry Meeting Produces Four Step Plan To Gender Equality In Hollywood | Film News

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Secret Industry Meeting Produces Four Step Plan To Gender Equality In Hollywood | Film News



A meeting of major Hollywood figures last October has developed a four step plan to help the film industry combat its issues with gender parity. 2015 has seen many female actors vocalise their experience with sexism in cinema, including Helen Mirren and Geena Davies, who runs the Institute on Gender in the Media.


Cathy Schulman, President of Women In Film Los Angeles has spoken on how behind the times the industry is on gender equality, stating “The time to act is now. Hollywood is surprisingly late in coming to this party and this is the time for conversion“. The meeting, which was hosted by Women In Film and the Sundance Institute, drew names such as HBO Films president Len Amato, director Catherine Hardwicke, and producer Paul Wagner; it took place in LA between October 14-15.


The four step plan includes unconscious gender-bias training; a tactic to combat Hollywood’s blind-spots in terms of created content. The industry is aware there are markets that are not being catered for equally and that creating programming for all people is good business sense. A sponsor/protégé project will come into effect, identifying female directorial talent and offering a year long training and fellowship project. A series of ambassadors with high level positions within the film industry will stay involved with the project, enlisting advocates for gender equality.


The most important change to come out of the meeting is a Gender Parity Stamp, which will recognise films, television programming, networks and studios that show recognisable progress in how they establish gender equality. The stamp will work as a notable sign that a company is working towards set goals and reaching achievements within the area.


Co-President of Lionsgate Films, Erik Feig, who also attended the meeting has said, “As someone who has professionally and creatively greatly benefited from women as protagonists, directors, producers, writers, fellow executives and audiences, gender parity has always seemed like the most win-win goal for anyone in the entertainment industry so getting behind this objective was a very easy decision for me“.



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