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Following the recent debut EP Nice To Meet You, Norwegian duo Seeb have their eyes set on world domination, cue a collaboration with one of the world’s biggest bands, alt-pop superstars, Bastille on addictive new single “Grip“,


“Grip” is an unconventional blend of melancholy and euphoria, merging Bastille’s infectious lyrics and Dan Smith’s unique vocals with Seeb’s undeniable production prowess. The production duo prove themselves in taking another artist’s musical vision and purely enhancing it. The track is also featured on Bastille’s highly anticipated fourth Mixtape, Other People’s Heartache Pt.4 out December 7.


On the track, Seeb explain: “It ended up as a creature of its own, with DNA from both Seeb and Bastille. We were all very much involved in the process even though we were all in different places, at one point even in 3 different continents! We hope it will show the fans a different side to Seeb as we begin to explore new paths.”


With their own music, their own vision and living on their own terms, they’re taking things far beyond what they or anyone else ever thought possible. Now it’s time for the world to catch up with Seeb. You will know their name.




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