Selfridges To Stock Gender Neutral Clothes In London Store | Fashion News


Selfridges department store has announced that three of its floors will stock up and sell unisex clothes. The store has also launched five gender-neutral collections, and will dismiss its separate men and women’s department. Men and women are no longer limited to certain types of clothes. Women are often seen wearing suits, and men have also experimented with women’s clothing in recent times, and Selfridges are now aiming to allow its customers to buy clothes that aren’t restricted to men’s or women’s fashion.


Selfridges are also going to get rid of its existing mannequins in order to bring new ones that can be considered neutral. The accessories and beauty products area is also going to be mixed, giving men and women the opportunity to choose from a larger range of items. Shoppers will no longer have a restricted amount of clothes to shop for, and won’t have to worry about what gender the clothes were designed for.



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