‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 11 – Just Turn the Wheel And The Future Changes | TV Review


I’m not sure as to whether this episode ‘Just Turn the Wheel And The Future Changes’ is a loving homage to action movies, or a harsh critique of them. We have Capheus (Aml Ameen) inside the “Superpower” gang hideout surrounded by henchmen, with a gun to his head, and with the power of Sun’s (Bae Doona) now superhuman fighting ability he quickly dispatches all of them. Severed limbs abound; the henchmen just can’t keep their hands on for five minutes without them falling off.


The head of the “Superpower” gang, played by Lwanda Jawar, has taken Silas (Peter King Mwania) hostage. He gives a machete to Capheus and orders him to kill Silas. What I want to talk about though is what the gang leader called him. He referred to him as her, as a b***h, like it was the kind of insult that you spare only for your worst enemy. What does that tell us about masculinity, or this variety of it at least? Is anger and hate the only emotion a man should feel? It is telling, very telling, that the leader refers to the defeated, beaten to a pulp, Silas as a she. For in their world, men are the victors. Ironic then that it was a woman, by proxy, that defeated him.


So starts the denouncement. We know and care about the characters; we know of their antagonists and their evil, evil ways. All the pieces of the chessboard are in place, both kings are surrounded by their pawns, but who shall be the first to touch that weird clock thingy and say “checkmate”? Sense8 is now available on Netflix.



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