‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 12 – I Can’t Leave Her | TV Review


Getting over the death of someone you love is difficult. So difficult that that I would say that it is impossible. What constitutes as “moving on” is the development of coping mechanisms to deal with that loss; to keep your mind off it. When an old wound is opened, like for example when Riley (Tuppence Middleton) lost her husband and daughter in a car crash, the emotions rush forth anew.


Not affected in the least by time. In the depths of despair the human mind becomes irrational. Overwhelmed by emotion, the very thing that makes us human, it is unfairly easy to seek the easy route: suicide. The cessation of thought, emotion, of all things that make us human.


What stops most of us from being overwhelmed is because our mind is like Pandora’s Box. Even with all the horrible things that surrounds us, it is hope, the all-encompassing desire even belief that things will get better if we just hold on for another day. And they often do. You can’t play the game if you’re not at the table.


So would I recommend the series after watching and reviewing all 12 episodes? The writing, while strong for the most part, does fall victim to lazy cliché at times. It does feel like however, that this is a story based on emotion not logic; that you’re supposed to be taken in by the people not the plot. If you can get past the problems, then you are left with a very strong character-led story which succeeds in making you care. So yes I would recommend this series, wholeheartedly.
Sense8 is now available on Netflix.



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