‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 2 – I Am Also a We | TV Review


This episode is much stronger than the last one. I have realized that when it focuses on less characters at once, it slows the action down so to speak, and gives us time to breathe. Gives us time to care. Sense8 is a science-fiction original Netflix production created by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski. I recommend reading my last review if you want details on the premise as I loathe to repeat myself.


What we learn in this episode is that Jonas (Naveen Andrews) is wanted by a lot of government agencies but for now, he seems to be one of the good guys. Nomi (Jamie Clayton) falls from her motorcycle and is hospitalized, only to wake up to her bigoted mother. She learns that she has a growth in the frontal lobe and that, for her own “safety”, she is confined to her hospital room. There she hallucinates and meets Jonas, who tells her not to trust the doctor; that they will lobotomize her.


It’s clear that this a very personal episode. For those who don’t know, Lana Wachowski is a transwoman (I’ll refer to her as a woman from this point on), much like the character of Nomi. Nomi is still called “Michael” by her religious mother who has a certain penchant for Thomas Aquinas; they don’t get along. One idea still resonates with me from this episode: that of all the seven deadly sins, pride is the most abhorrent; that it leads as a gateway to sinfulness without limit.


This is directly challenged by the idea of “Gay Pride”, that it is not wrong to be proud of oneself. Personally I disagree with the notion of “Seven Deadly Sins” as they promote an impossible ideal; that we must hate ourselves for being human. They are all emotions; how would there be children if there was no lust? I feel that the series should have started from this episode. The previous one just had too much going on at once to make sense of it. Sense8 is now available on Netflix.



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