Sequins Are Here For Autumn 2016 | Fashion News


There’s been many luxurious fabrics to sweep the catwalk of Fall 2016, from pleather, fur, velvet and embellishments. One sweeping trend noticed in this years designs that will certainly be attracting the magpies, is sequins. Shiny dresses, accessories, skirts galore were spotted across collections, indulging in deep lagoons of colour, proving for an elegant party look.


Most designers, including Gucci, Erdem and Christian Dior, opted for a dark gothic bold palette, including red, green, navy and black. Dries Van Outen in particular paired an elegant brown feather/fur neckline with a fitted silver and green dress with navy undertones. This combined the running trend of fur throughout Fall 2016 collections.


Valentino was an exception to this dark pallette with his light pink sequinned below the knee dress, detailed with silver. The pink and blue strapped dress was paired with a light grey turtle neck jumper; a layered combination which made for a more Autumnal feel. If you’re planning a winter wardrobe, sequins seem to be an on trend and go to statement to have some fun with this Fall.





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