‘Sesame Street’ Movie Hires ‘Portlandia’ Co-Creator To Direct | Film News


Because everything that was ever popular in the past is currently getting its own modern retooling, Warner Bros. is moving forward with a Sesame Street feature film, and they’ve hired Portlandia co-creator Jonathan Krisel to direct the project.


If you’re wondering how a Sesame Street movie is feasible, or even a good idea, you’re not alone. The film will reportedly be a musical, so it sounds like Warner Bros. is cashing in on two trends right now – nostalgia and musicals – in order to search for a big hit. Mike Rosolio penned the first draft of the script, but the latest version has been written by Chris Galletta (The Kings Of Summer).


Sesame Street premiered back in 1969 and has been an institution ever since. There have been movies based off of the show before, but nothing close to the scope that Warner Bros. is aiming for. This project will also likely be aimed at a wider audience, and will certainly be hoping to become a major franchise if the first film is a success.


There aren’t any details on what the plot will entail, but hiring Krisel is a pretty shrewd move. He’s already got three Emmy nominations under his belt for Portlandia, and considering the offbeat strangeness of that show, his hiring might signal an interesting direction for the Sesame Street film.


It’s unclear what that direction would entail, or whether any of this is a good idea, but it’s happening. Welcome to modern Hollywood.



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