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Seth Rogen is a comic-adapting machine. After a host of previous adaptations including the recently-concluded Preacher, just last week it was announced that he and Shazam! director David F. Sandberg would adapt the sci-fi comic Fear Agent for Amazon. Less than a week later, here’s another comic book adaptation he’s got in the works.


Rogen and The Batman writer Mattson Tomlin will adapt the surreal horror comic Memetic from writer James Tynion IV, artist Eryk Donovan, and colourist Adam Guzowski. Originally published in 2015, Memetic follows the spreading of the “Good Times Sloth”, a simple image of the cute animal against a colourful spiral background.


The people who stare at the image feel good. Unfortunately, a little too good. So good that they become obsessed with it, turning psychotic and violent, leading to a series of horrific circumstances that spread across the world in miserable speed. Aaron, a colourblind college student, and Marcus, a blind veteran, potentially hold the keys to stopping the madness. But can they stop the horror, or also succumb to the sloth?


Tomlin will adapt Tynion’s comic into a screenplay for Lionsgate, collaborating with both Rogen’s production company Point Grey and Boom! Studios, who published the comic.


That premise is superb and has plenty of potential to be both horrifically entertaining and a wry commentary on virality. Plenty of directors would love to take a crack at helming a project like this, so we’ll see who Rogen and co. bring on board once the script is completed.



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