Shane Black Directing ‘Predator’ Sequel, Not Reboot As Rumoured | Film News

Director Shane Black will direct a sequel to the ‘Predator’ film’


Director Shane Black has revealed that he will be directing a sequel to classic film Predator. This news arose due to claims that he would be directing a reboot of the classic film. When explaining why he chose this angle for the story instead of the more common reboot angle, Black said, “why start over when you have all this rich mythology left to mine”. The 1987 film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as soldier DutchPredator who is ordered to assist the CIA in rescuing helicopter crash survivors. Upon arriving, they find out that they have been set up and begin being hunted down by an alien force. Black is currently working alongside Fred Dekker to develop the film’s script, no release date has been announced.



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