Sharna Bass – In Love | New Music


Despite having been around the spotlight all those years ago, Sharna Bass is making a name for herself and rightly so putting herself fully into the spotlight. After the release of the brilliant single and poignant video for “Buss A 9“, she returns with a smooth and sensual follow up – “In Love“.


Produced by the incredible team of Mikey Musik and Mo Samuels – the incomparable Sons Of Sonix – Bass takes on the Anita Baker classic “Sweet Love” but it’s a fresh take on the iconic song without losing the same passion poured into the original. Mikey and Mo give us a contemporary UK R&B revamp and it plays to Bass’ strength as she effortlessly caresses the beat with her soft vocals.


UK R&B is alive and well and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Sharna’s true mastery of the song comes through the execution of delicate vocal restraint and at only twenty years young, she’s quickly becoming a seasoned vocalist and eventual artist.




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