SHA¥ Khushrenada Releases New Mixtape | Music News

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SHA¥ Khushrenada Releases New Mixtape | Music News



London-based Hip-Hop artist SHA¥ Khushrenada has just released his new mixtape The Karman Line, which you can listen to below via SoundCloud. The mixtape is influenced by Japanese Sci-Fi anime such as Gundam Wing and Cowboy Bebop and features production from Astronaut Heroics producers Toby Kenobi and Trebor Llams.


SHA¥ says of the project:


“For this project I was influenced a lot by Kanye West’s early material…in terms of the more personal tracks content wise and in terms of beat selection”. He adds the more trap sounding songs he uses the influences of A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott in terms of “vocal effects and structure”.



You can follow music updates from SHA¥ via his Twitter here.



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