‘Shazam’ Screenwriter Henry Gayden Returning To Pen The Sequel | Film News


Shazam! has already reeled in $158 million worldwide – better than initial box office projections. Thus, it’s no surprise to hear that a sequel is already being discussed. Screenwriter Henry Gayden is in line to return and pen the sequel, while director David F. Sandberg is also expected to come back.


While Shazam! still has some work to do when it has to compete against Hellboy, Fast Colour, and this little film named Avengers: Endgame in the coming weeks, its first weekend has been a massive success. It was only made for a relatively modest $98 million, and with positive reviews coming its way, it’s bound to make a tidy profit.


Gayden previously wrote the screenplay for the animated film Earth To Echo. He’s next set to adapt Lee Bacon‘s sci-fi novel Last Human for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. That project was picked up in a bidding war by Sony/TriStar, and tells the tale of a robot society where a 12-year-old robot discovers a human child who’s spent her life in an underground bunker, hidden away from the machines.


The success of Shazam! is making Warner Bros.’ decision to make the DCEU less interconnected and more focused on being individually great look a very smart one. With the same creative team set to return, the eventual Shazam! sequel will hopefully retain the fun vibrancy that made this one a success.



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