‘Sherlock’ Duo Mark Gatiss And Steven Moffat To Write ‘Dracula’ TV Series | TV News


The many fans of BBC television series Sherlock will be delighted to hear that the show’s co-creators and writers are working towards dramatising another British classic for the small screen.


Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (the latter of whom also starred in the series) are reuniting to write a series of 90-minute films based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Sue Vertue, Moffat’s wife, will also renew her role as producer with company Hartswood Films.


The project wouldn’t be the first time Bram Stoker’s novel has been adapted for the screen. The 1897 Gothic fiction on vampire Count Dracula’s quest for new blood is a popular source of inspiration for both film and television, with the most recent series being the NBC 2013-2014 TV series Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Myers as the lead. With each production having a different interpretation, it will be interesting to see how Moffat and Gatiss revolutionise the story in their own way.


Work is yet to begin on the series but the success of Sherlock adds promise to the duo’s new venture. Endless questions remain surrounding the news; will Dracula be modernised just as Sherlock was?; will the pair also reunite with Benedict Cumberbatch or will another star arise from the series just as he did?


Little information is available on the series as of now, but Radio Times suggests 2019 to be the year that the Count comes to our screens. Until then, we can only continue to speculate on what we’ll eventually sink our teeth into.



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