Shia LaBeouf Injured On Set Of ‘American Honey’ | Film News


Reports have come in that Shia LaBeouf has been hospitalised after sustaining a head injury on the set of American Honey. “LaBeouf sustained minimal injuries late last night on the set“, confirmed a rep for the actor, adding that, “as protocol, production sought out medical attention and Shia received stitches on his hand and for a laceration on his head. He is due back on set tomorrow“.


It was reported that Shia LaBeouf was shooting a scene where he had to put his head through a glass window, resulting in him being injured and having 20 stitches and 13 staples on his head and finger. The actor is no stranger to injuries in 2008, he was involved in a car accident and had to film Transformers 2 with two broken fingers. Here’s hoping that the injuries were not to serious and wishing him a speedy recovery.



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