Shia LaBeouf Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct For Broadway Incident | Film News


After the arrest of Transformers star Shia LaBeouf outside of New York bar Studio 54, the 28-year old American actor has pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct stemming from his previous outbursts of fowl language, smoking and bad behaviour during a show of Cabaret at a New York Broadway theatre earlier in June.


When arrested by police, LaBeouf is reported to have shouted, “do you know who I am?” and has recently been ordered to complete a three month course of alcohol treatment by the courts. This isn’t the first time the Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull actor has been caught out with the law. In Feburary 2005, he was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon following an argument about blocked parking with a fellow neighbour. In early November 2007, LaBeouf was arrested for refusing to leave a Chicago Walgreens, and was charged with misdemeanour criminal trespassing.


A source at the LA Times reports that if he can stay out of trouble for several months, the offence and plea will be wiped from his criminal record. LaBeouf is currently working beside Fight Club star Brad Pitt, filming for the new World War 2 drama Fury, which is due to be released this October.



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