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With news that Robert Orci wouldn’t be directing the third installment on the new Star Trek franchise and despite rumors that both Edgar Wright and Jonathan Frakes may get the job, Paramount have an exclusive shortlist of who’d they’d like to helm the new movie, with Rise of The Planet of The Apes Rupert Wyatt at the top of the list. It’s said that Wyatt has already met with the studio about bagging the job but according to Deadline, there are four other directors in the running.


Rumour has it The Imitation Game‘s Morten Tyldum, Fast & Furious 3-6‘s Justin Lin, Safe Houses Daniel Espinosa and Source CodesDuncan Jones, are also up for the major opportunity. All four directors are solid choices for the franchise but it seems Duncan Jones has taken himself out of the running, turning to his Twitter page to report; “Very flattering being on short list for Star Trek, but won’t be doing it. Absolutely MUST make my own thing next, or I’ll die of old age”. Fair enough, Jones.


Looking at the other candidates, depending on how well The Imitation Game goes down with audiences, Tyldum could be a great choice and would be a brilliant opportunity for him to break into a huge franchise. With the Fast & Furious movies under his belt, Lin would no doubt bring out some awesome stunts and action to Star Trek 3! We’re not overly sure if Paramount would trust such a huge movie with Espinosa as we’re not sure he’s got enough audience pull that a franchise like this needs.


Still, with Wyatt, it’s clear to see why he’s the front runner of this impressive list. With Rise of the Planet of The Apes going down a storm with audiences and critics alike, he’s got that audience recognition that Paramount needs as well as having a keen eye for matching emotional pull with wicked action scenes, perfect for Star Trek 3, no? No word on what Wyatt makes of this honor or how he feels about the material but we can totally see this planning out and we approve.



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