Sigmund Freud Will Be A Detective In Netflix’s New Period Drama | TV News


Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is getting the Hollywood treatment. The famous doctor will feature in a new Sherlock-inspired TV show. Understanding the human mind and the reason why people do what they do, after all, it’s his expertise.


Following up the success of German-produced series Dark, Netflix has backed another European TV show that will kick off production in fall 2018.


The new period drama will be set in Austria, where Sigmund Freud was born, and it will follow, according to Deadline, a young Freud, who, in the midst of a strong opposition from the scientific community regarding his revolutionaries theories, “[…]meets the war veteran and policeman ​Alfred​ Kiss and notorious medium Fleur Salomé and unwittingly becomes part of the hunt for a serial killer”.


The series, which has an 8-episodes order and will be directed by Marvin Kren, is currently casting the main roles. This is the second German-language project from Netflix after last season German science fiction thriller Dark.


Following up on last month’s move to develop more international content, Netflix has already acquired the rights to stream the series internationally.


It will be interesting to see how the show will be developed, but the idea of a young Freud walking the streets of Vienna and solving murders is definitely tickling our palate.



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