Silk Cinema – Magic | New Music


The newest Silk Cinema single “Magic” is “about praying for a little magic in your life. Which we could all use once in a while.” Indeed, it sounds enchanting. Uplifting instrumental and silky vocals add up to a quite minimal, not overloaded, but fulfilling sound.


Silk Cinema is a London-based duo – producer Raphael and Kristy on vocals. They describe their project as “Sade in space“, which can be interpreted as an electronic soul/R&B, a modern 90s sound, and dreamy synth-pop. They also list Cocteau Twins, Prince, Crystal Bats as some of the influences to their music.


It’s only the fourth month of the project, but their confident sound and quality makes us certain – there should be at least an EP coming soon. Listen to the smooth “Magic” from Silk Cinema below:




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