Simon Cowell Hits Back At Dermot O’Leary’s ‘X Factor’ Bashing | TV News

Simon Cowell


Oh dear… It looks like Dermot O’Leary has certainly ruffled Simon Cowell’s feathers, for the X Factor creator has hit back at Dermot’s snide comments from the National Television Awards on Friday. As host of the NTA, O’Leary took time out to reference his departure from X Factor last year, stating “I’ve still got this job… for now”, and went further to claim “Strictly is my new favourite show”; a confession that would undoubtedly bring out the baddie in Mr. Cowell.


Hitting back at the comments, Cowell felt the need to diminish O’Leary’s latest venture, replying “He’s got the NTA job – yeah, for once a year. That’s a big move” – better get you a napkin Dermot, you just got served. He continued, revealing he believes that O’Leary will come to regret his comments: “You say these things, trying to be a bit funny on the night, and then you go off and think ‘I wish I didn’t say that.’ This might have been one of those occasions”.


Let’s face it, we all know in Simon’s eyes the X-Factor can do no wrong…



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