Simon Pegg Clarifies Comments On ‘Childish’ Sci-Fi And Comic Book Movies | Film News


Simon Pegg has been forced to clarify remarks he made on Tuesday in an interview with the Radio Times in which he stated that sci-fi movies, comic books and superheroes were “childish things” that were “taking our focus away from real-world issues” These comments led to widespread controversy and debate on social media, which in turn led to Pegg writing a blog on his website in response.


Pegg remarked that, “there was probably more discussion on Twitter about the The Force Awakens and the Batman vs Superman trailers… than there was about the Nepalese earthquake or the British general election“. He however went on to assert that there were still quality science fiction films being made today, such as Mad Max: Fury Road, and that he was still proud to be a nerd.



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