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It seems the pop punk scene is getting more and more active these days, with Good Charlotte ending their five-year hiatus and now Simple Plan releasing a new song! The band has revealed the music video for the lead single off their upcoming album, Taking One For The Team.


“Opinion Overload” is definitely a dynamic comeback song and Simple Plan sound more mature and sure of themselves than ever. Almost five years after the release of their previous album, the band is now ready to prove that nothing’s changed and that, perhaps, their music is even louder and better than before. Clearly, they’re “doing things exactly like they want to. What part of that don’t you understand?”


In a statement, Simple Plan said: “Opinion Overload is a song about following your heart and not letting anyone tell you that you can’t. For us, writing it was about getting back to our roots and reminding ourselves and everyone else what this band is all about. We wanted to make a video that strips everything bare and lays it all on the table; go back to the basics and focus on what we love the most: playing shows for you”.


Simple Plan’s new record is due for release on February 19. Check out the clip for “Opinion Overload” below:




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