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Sin City is the latest IP to get a new TV adaptation. Legendary Television have reportedly secured a deal with series creator Frank Miller, and are close to one with Robert Rodriguez, the man who brought Miller’s graphic novel to life in the 2005 film. The pair will oversee and produce the series.


The film was based on Miller’s stylishly elevated neo-noir graphic novels and was both a box office and critical hit. It merged the film and comic book mediums like never before. Rodriguez even asked Miller to co-direct due to the uniqueness of the whole experience. However, a less successful sequel was released in 2014.


If Legendary sets the series up at a network or streaming service, a first full season will be guaranteed. Included in the deal is an animated prequel series as well. The major question is whether audiences still care about Sin City. The first film is now almost 15 years old, and the sequel that brought back much of the original cast completely flopped.


Whether that was due to the gap between movies, the technology no longer being groundbreaking, or poor word of mouth, we can’t be sure. It was probably a mixture of all three. But it didn’t paint a picture of an audience frothing at the mouth for more Sin City. We’ll see if this TV series can attract an audience, or whether this is just the latest in a line of doomed TV adaptations of well-known IP.



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