Sine Benjaphorn Re-Creates Chompoo Araya’s Dress Using Prawn Crackers | Fashion News

Prawn Cracker dress


When we think of prawn crackers, we think of that extra treat we get with a Chinese takeout, not something to style ourselves in. Sine Benjaphorn, a Thai fashionista known for her unique imitations, defied convention.


During the Cannes Film Festival, Chompoo Araya wore a gorgeous peach layered gown to a L’Oreal event, so Benjaphorn went out of her way to recreate the Thai actress’ outfit as accurately as possible with bags of prawn crackers. The end result (down to the colour, texture, and structure of the gown) was uncanny.


Due to her love for fashion, Benjaphorn started recreating countless outfits in order to promote her shop and her designs. Her creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed, and her witty designs (of which there are many – just Google her!) have won her popularity across the globe. In the picture below, Benjaphorn takes inspiration from Katy Perry in the music video for “Roar”:





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