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On July 3, singer-songwriter and producer AKA me released her third single titled “Tools”. For “Tools”, AKA me collaborated with producer Jorge Arenas again. The song is an artsy post-breakup song, dealing with a hopeless situation.


AKA me is the moniker of Stephanie D’Arcy from Los Angeles. Stephanie is 22 years old and chosen the name AKA me based on her current instagram name (stephanie_aka_me). She studied music and graduated at CalArts, where she specialized in guitar performance and experimental songwriting.


After her participation in a rock band, she started a new way of music production with digital instruments only. In her innovativ music she connects lo-fi sounds with dark, yet energetic vocals. AKA me’s sound mostly refers to Indie or Pop, but you actually can’t pigeonhole her.



“Tools” is a melancholy song that reflects on the codependency of a past relationship. AKA me stated out that the song is “about realizing your inability to help someone else, when you can’t help yourself“. She’s singing about the inescapable situation where two persons aren’t able to help each other.


The song creates a sense of emptiness. AKA me wants to invite the listener into her headspace.In the beginning the melody often interrupts and contributes the feeling of “time being stopped“. Furthermore the artist creates a contrast between the pseudo enthusiastic hook and the lyrics.


Therefore she’s repeating “I can’t fix you up” during the hole song. At the beginning the song sounds very choppy, but in the end all instruments and vocals come together to an expressive sound.


Listen to “Tools“ below:




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