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Canadian singer and Songwriter Diaphanie has released her debut indie-pop single “Something Better”. The artist marks an important step on her career with the folk and acoustic based tune about misunderstandings.


Diaphanie means “the art of recreating stained glass on translucent paper” and her trademark is her angelical voice which floats effortlessly from intimate to profuse. Diaphanie, also known as Heather Thomas, wrote the song in the beginning of the Covid-19 related quarantine and recorded in bedrooms and backyards.


It’s the story of a relationship doomed by assumptions and misunderstandings, and the struggle to move forward despite the inevitable. It’s a reflection of the daily challenges people face in relating to, understanding, and having compassion for others” she explains. Furthermore she questions her position in the world because of the pandemic.


Before lockdown, I was just pulling up to some really big next-level opportunities when everything stopped. I had all this expectation riding on 2020. Having everything taken away. I really had to start questioning my place in the music industry, and beyond that, my responsibility as a human being” Heather says.


Her debut single comes with impressive yet bizarre and absurd visuals, showing a fantastical day-in-the-life of Diaphanie. She performs introns of changing sceneries and lost places. The song offers playful guitar riffs and emotional vocal lines. Listen to the song and watch the attached video below.




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